Hudson Avenue Partners Advises Shareholder Consortium on its Acquisition of Grocery Services, Inc.


Hudson Avenue Partners (“Hudson Avenue”) is pleased to announce that IGM Advisors, LLC has acquired Grocery Services, Inc. (“GSI” or the “Company”), a Texas-based chain of specialty grocery outlets.

Hudson Avenue acted as exclusive financial advisor to a consortium of investors supporting the acquisition of GSI.

About Grocery Services Inc.

Founded in Houston, TX in 1992, GSI is a specialty grocery chain focused on providing superior service, healthy alternatives and a dedicated retail footprint for urban communities deemed to be at potential nutritional risk. The Company’s stores efficiently aid clients with shopping routines and public assistance program redemption, stocking clearly marked and pre-approved products within a discreet environment. Operating a footprint of 38 locations across South and West Texas, GSI’s stores have become a valuable resource for the communities which they serve by fulfilling a need currently unmet by traditional grocery outlets.

For additional information, visit www.grocsvcs.com.

Hudson Avenue Partners